Wild Witch of Beast Forest Handmade One of a Kind Art Doll

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Hand sculpted and sewn, 32 cm/12.6" one of a kind art doll. Her not removable dress is made of linen and cotton, with hand sculpted bones sewn on her dress. She has a removable wolf mask, black bloomers and a wand made of sage wood. The face and limbs are painted, her arms and legs are moveable and slightly bendable. The doll is almost zero waste as I fill the textile scraps back to the the body along with wool and dried herbs.

This is not a toy for children, rather an artwork or home decor. Please don't wash it in water, just wipe it with a soft dry cloth if necessary. Dropping or scratching can damage the doll.

In continuous awareness to the whisper of the wilderness, she's one with nature, the collective consciousness, which is the animal instinct connecting all species.